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I would consider writing it off...but it was no minor amount for someone like me!  
To make a long story short, I have done a HUGE cupcake decorating class for a non-for profit (that I won;t mention because I am very involved with them in other ways) convention every year for the past 3 years.   I only charge for supplies and volunteer my time.  THIS year, they weren't going to pay me until I turned in receipts.  I kindly, and professionally, told them I do not submit receipts. I am a business for this- not a volunteer, but gave them an itemized bill. ...
OMG... I have been looking at that site for 2 hours now!!!! This could be bad...and good
Does anyone buy their boxes/boards/cake dummies online? I have been getting them at the local shop, but online can be bought in bulk and cheaper!Any website cheaper/better than any other??? There are too many to go through and compare myself Thanks!
I'll have to remember THAT one! Great idea idjitmom!
I filled it to the action! How long do you wait for it to kick in?
So are you saying that you turned it on empty and added water? I have tried with full, partially full, just a little water. Even when I don't put on the tiers, nothing happens. All the pieces are there too...
I have used raspberry preserves with my lemon layer cakes. YUM!
I have a bride/groom who asked for a fountain...I bought the Fanci Fountain and it didn't work so I took it back. Got doesn't work! What am I doing wrong?????? The motor runs, but no water comes up at all! Not even a gurgle!
How much do you charge for having to buy things for a cake (such as plates, pillars, fountains) that you had to get specifically for a cake?I have a couple who wants stairs and a fountain, so I had to buy the fountain, stairs, pillars and plates, that I may never use again!
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