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Does anyone know of a cake supply store in the Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Mobile area? Thanks,Tiffany
I need ideas and pictures for a customer. Her friend fell off a bicycle and she wants a get well bouquet. I need ideas and pictures. Thanks in advance,Tiffany
Are you using the correct measurements? If so and it's still runny, you should try to cut back on the milk and corn syrup. I don't have a problem with mine being runny though.
I have frozen them with no problem. The trick for the condensation is to not open the container until they are all thawed.
I use this recipe and I make mine with salted butter all the time. By the time you add your icing anything sweeter is too sweet.
I have a home business in Missouri. Different counties have different rules. I received my license this fall. The law changed in August for us. I wrote the first thread posted by wcgirl. Click on it and I discuss it further. My business is limited to cakes and cookies. I don't fry things like donuts, etc so that may be different but as far as cakes and cookies I am good to go.
I only do the top. Most people who use a poured icing include the sides.
I also order from Off the beaten path and foosecutters. I have had excellent service and no problems with both companies. Tiffany
Good for you! That took a lot to tell them no. People are so sold on buying a cheap, thrown together cake. Well, if that's what they want then go to the grocery store bakeries. What we do takes time and short notice doesn't cut it. When will they appreciate what we do? I have the same mentality that if they think a freshly made, delicious, well decorated cake is "just a cake" then keep going.
Call your local health department and ask for the food sanitation or health inspector.
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