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i used tip # 12 as worked good. the sparkles also look nice but they were very hard to get on the side of the if only i could get rid of the airpockets in my buttercream!
Should I used luster dust or sparkles on buttercream clouds...and how to I apply either???Thanks for everyones help!!! I don't know what I'd do without these forums!!!!!!
Hi Everyone!!I'm making the Viva Method Buttercream but I'm from Canada and we don't have Viva papertowels!! What else could Iuse to get the sides as smooth as possible????THANKS ALOT!!!Chrissy
I'm making a box lemon cake with the following extender:1 cup flour1/2 cup sugar1 tsp vanilla1 tsp baking powder1 egg1/2 cup waterShould I add a lemon pudding as well to make it more flavourful or will it make it too heavy? ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!TIA!!Chrissy
I didn't know they had them at Micheals! I should check...I actually heard that they don't have them there so I didn't bother. I didn't even think of shipping charges either for the interent...hmmm. Well seeing that I live in Kingsville (30 minutes from Windsor(border city)) I can easily go to the states and pick some up. I guess I have that advantage!!!
You think $3.50 is bad???? Try $11!!!!!!!!!!! Where I live in Canada there is only one store that carries it so I had to buy a little jar for $11. Next time I'm going to order it on the internet!!
Thank you everyone for your suggestions!! I think I may make a lemon cake with pudding in it with a raspberry filling! I need something quick and easy since my time is limited!!!
Hi everyone!! I'm doing a cake for a babyshower and just talked to the father-to-be and he said that the mother-to-be likes lemon! so I need a good recipe for lemon cake and filling. I don't want it to be too strong either.PLEASE HELP & TIA!!!!
I'm making a white cake and want to put a rasberry filling in it. I found this recipe on this site but what is Polander Seedless Rasberry? Is it a jam?? 1 8oz. brick cream cheese,softened 1 15oz. jar Polander seedless rasberry 1 8 oz. tub cool whip (I use cool whip lite)
I'm using luster dust for the first time and have been reading some info on the forums. When I bought it the store owner said that I should just lightly brush it on with a fluffy paintbrush. But it's a pearl/violet colour...will it show up or should I brush fondant with vanilla first and then lightly brush on the dust. it edible? I'm not sure what's in this particular colour but I'm going to a baby shower with this cake and don't want people to get sick from...
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