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Thats about all I have here right now. I don't have Isomalt. And everytime I make rock candy it turns a light amber color. I saw on here where several have used the gelatin.
Anybody have a recipe for making Knox Gelatin Ice ? I need it today for a beer cake, in a cooler of ice. I have saw lots of pictures of it done, but no recipe.
I have a client wanting a 2 tier cake. The theme she is wanting is Twilight, tie dye, and Justin Beiber. Any ideas on how to get all of this on a 2 tier cake, and still make it look good ? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.Thanks
great idea but I forgot to mention they want a boring sheet cake. I hate sheet cakes. Anymore ideas ?
I have a request for a retirement cake for a lady. She is retiring from our local water co. Design is completely up to me. Should I just do basic flowers and such, or do something water related ? If so any great ideas out there ? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.Thanks, Lisa
I just posted 1 I did for my sons b-day. It was abot 4 layers high, covered in fondant. The clubs I formed out of fondant and stuck in skewers. Pretty easy to do.
I have a request for a cake for a little girl and the theme is a lemonade stand. Any ideas on this one ? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
cakemamaof3 thats me. I posted it on my Facebook page, because I couldn't get it to load on here, I put it on there so I could post the link to it.
I can't ask, because I don't know where it came from. The bride sent me the picture.
so does anybody know where to get the molds, or what they are called.Thanks
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