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First off Congrats to you both! Second i would have never even wanted to attempt to make my own wedding cake GO YOU!!!! it looks beautiful!
super cute!!!!! thanks for adding the pics of how you constructed him they are very helpful
Thanks for bringing this up i was wondering the same thing. Also i have seen brides done does anyone know how they were done?
I spray the sides first then the over spray that goes into the bottom helps to keep the parchment in place untill you fill the pan. i neve spray on top of the parchment and i have never had it stick to it. Good luck!
Oh i am so sorry (((((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))! Dont let it get you down too much, i have not been doing this too long but am dreading a big disaster like yours i figure I just want to get it over with. But i would have been just as frazzeled as you but get back in the saddle and show everyone how good you are!!!!
i am so with all of you!!! i dont mind the baking but i hate makeing the icing and coloring it. And clean up is crazy and our dish washer is broken ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!
sorry no help but here is a bunp!
katskakes you already added my sugestion...great minds think alike i guess lol. I have not had a chance to do this yet but think it is so great so good luck!
i dont know i would think if you did not support the top evenly the wieght would cause it to sag in the crumbled areas. but i am truely not to sure so here is a bump! hope someone else can be of more use.
indydebi, thanks so much for the recipie i will be trying it for my cakes next week. i just hate the new no transfat crisco but crisco itself is so convenient in its premeasured containers. cant wait to try!
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