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ummmm...let me think...YES!!! thank you so much. sorry i cant help with how to post it but i would love to see it when you are done.
i like to listen to something i can sing my heart out to..and i do. Usualy it is my Rent, or Whicked sound track, Billy Joel greatest hits, or anything that stays fairly upbeat and i can dance and sing to.
ok, stupid question i know but i have never frozen my cakes bafore i decorate..i dont have that much experiance. So my question is do i fill, let settle crumb coat and then freeze or is there another way. And second after i take it out of the freezer do ice it right away or let it thaw? any help would be great.
i have seen two different ways to do this but have not tried one yet here is the link to the first here is the other by BKeith second one is the one i think i will go with when i do my first one in november. Happy baking
ok this cake just poped up in the favorite cakes line and i think it might be based off the same bedding.
i like freddyfl's idea of a small bee hive at the top i think that would tie it all together great! i also think black and white ginham ribbon like beesting said is a great idea.
Ok im still new at this but i have done a few cake with three tiers i have not had any problems i just used a dense cake dowled each layer and then also used a center dowl through all three layors of cake into the cake board. you can use wiltons page to figure out what size and shapes will work best to feed 120 people.Does she know what sex the baby is? if she does something garden would be cute and an easy way...
hope you find it! if you do could you send i link i would love to see it.
I was just at hobby lobby and they had theirs 40% off so you might want to check there this week. I think the sale ends on the 15th.
i got one from target it is an onida and it hold two dozen cup cakes i love it! also i think i might have seen one similar at my Micheals have you tried them. Also if you have a kitchen store near they sometimes have things that are harder to find but they tend to be more exspensive being a specialty store.
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