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i am having a problem also. I read a thread about it yesterday it seems that everyone is having the same problem. i have just been right clicking on pics "saving as" and then adding the name of the maker to my title so i can look it up easily on cc if i need to.
Thank you so much but i only need to order a few and the site you suggested has a $50.00 minimum. and i know i can find 50 worth of things i want but i cant afford it all right now. anyone else have any idea?
for those of you who use cake dummies where is the best place to get them? And once you have them do you decorate right on them or cover them in plastic wrap or what? I have never used them before. Thanks
i just did a treasure chest cake a few weeks ago. there are pics in my profile. i used RKT for the top. all i did was to have a cake board cut to the right height and then when the rice cripies were still warm i mounded them on top and molded them the way i wanted them. after it coled befor i iced it i cut any extra off. i iced and then placed on top of the cake base. one helpful hent that i got when i was looking for info about it was to tap two pieces of cardboard...
wow... people amaze me sometimes!!! But good for you in sticking to your guns..i hate when people think they can get an amazing cake for next to nothing. Why is your time any less valuable than anyone elses?
i never add extra water just crisco..but that is me. I dont usualy have a problem with it tearing, but if that is the prbblem then yes you probibly do need more crisco..also before you kneed it in put it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up and make it more plyable. hope it turns out. what recipie did you use?
i like it, i think it is cute...i did say it out loud and my hubby asked me what i was talking about and i said "it is the name of someones cake buisness" and he said " thats cute". So i think it works well!
Every that step said is what i would do...and go light on the filling if you are worried. My first filled cake was buldging like crazy because i filled it too full. Also if you are worried the pieces wont dry in time add some tylose powder to the fondant, or go 50/50 with gum past. It will dry harder and faster. Good luck and happy baking!
i like the idea of more cars..i think it would be very cute and you would not have to worry about the wight.
are you useing the "new" crisco? if so and you are not using any butter that might be your problem i have had to add real butter to my bc since they took the transfat out of crisco. I was having a problem with the consitency it was too "mushy" and had lots of air bubbles.
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