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???? Wow...I have no clue but good luck...if i think of something i will let you know. Thats a hard one!
Ok Im jumping on the band wagon tell me too...I want to know
I was looking into buying some sweetex or other high ratio shortening just wondering what kind (if there are others), where you buy it, and for how much. Thanks, Amanda
I have an order for tran cookies for November and I am not sure how much to charge. I have never used the flooding teqnigue (i will practice) before so i dont know how time consuming and difficult it is. She wants 2 or 3 dozen. Also she asked me about cake balls. How much do you charge for those? Thanks, Amanda
I dont think mine would even attempt so props to him for trying. this past year i got an icecream cake from maggie moos and you can pick out your own flavor combo so that was good. But never again will it be a walmart cake for me.
is there real butter in it? if there is i am not sure but if it is just crisco i have used mine longer than two weeks with no problems.
you could do a 6" round for each one of them. I like the idea of the chocolate coverd strwberrys for mom but seems alittle mature for the son. what if you did something with chocolate icing a bright colors maybe gelmatric shapes...I dont know. I am sure whatever you decide will be greatly appriciated
last year for a halloween party i threw together some pumpkin shaped rice cripsies. just colored the marshmallows while melting and shaped them into spheres as they were cooling. a little black royal icing for differnt jacolantern faces and a green candy Dot as the stem. eveyone loved them
ewwww...yes if anyone know what catagory to find it on bockbuster online that would be great. cant wait to see it!
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