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i have never done a topsy turvy cake but i think you are over thinking it. cut your holes in the cakes to make a level surface for the next tear to sit on before you frost your cake. then make sure you have 4 or more dowels the same size (I make mine about 1/8 inch shorter than my cake). Add the second tear but make sure you have it on 1 perferably 2 cake boards glued together. do the same for the next tear. Then once all is in place sharpen a long dowel with a...
Also it is out of season but if you want to stock up next spring i know walmart and target had pionted paper cup with the snow cone stuff last spring. i think parchment paper bags should work just fine but i have never tried so i am not much help
I use parchment paper all the time no matter what size cake i am making and i never have a problem with it sticking i also spray the sides with "bakers joy" its isimilar to pam but i like it btter
I would not refriderate the tends to get glossy and sticky. The royal icing should be ok i think. As far as putting the pieces on a frozen cake I am not sure on the one...still a newbie here so i have not tried that.
no real help here never done it before the only thing i can think to do is to stack the cake pans the same height and drap it over them to let it dry. Although i am not sure how you could transport it after it has dried like that.
venecakes, have to tell you I just love your zebra shoe cake. It is perfect for my mother and was already in my favs. Great Job!!!
There is a few Remy cakes on cc. Here is one by ceshell i have it saved in my favs i just love it.
venecakes...thanks do much i am in Mo (St. Louis area) also so my cost may e similar. also mommiecakes thanks too. i will have to add up my ingrediants and see what i come up with but you gave me a good starting point to work form. Venecakes quick question do you use high ratio shortening? if you do where do you get it?
thanks for the info
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