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Here is one i did recently and they just loved it but it did not get many responces on here.
Im with JoannB, If you want it to dry over night use 50/50 or add tylose to your fondant. I would just cut another piece the same size and sandwich them around the cook stick adding royal icing to make it all stick together.
ok sorry its late i ment to say not sure about the roses and paint not pain
not sure about the but too incorporate the brown why dont you pain the pots all brown or with poka dots or stripes, or you could tie a brown or brown and pink ribon around them.
First off good for you inspireddecorator that is great! and I have to say i have the hardest time with it. the only thing that works for me is weight watchers but i seem to only be able to stick to it for 4 or 5 months and then get burnt out and frustrated and get back off. Ive done this twice so far so i understand where you are coming from and cant wait to here how others manage to stay away for the goodies.
also you can use foam board for a cake bored and that will be plenty big just trim it down to the size you need. Micheals has the 1/3 inch on sale this week for 98 cents from 3.99 what a deal!
????? no help here but i hope someone else can
oh Im so excited just got back from micheals and they had the bucket so i baught the last one. I also stocked up on foam board since they were so cheap. Thank you all so much...this is why i love CC!!!
I think you are on the right track i alway leave a comment on the cakes i favorite and try to leave a comment on the ones i just look at. also if i think there is something that i can help on i will nicely post how things could be improved.
So sorry to hear that. I have had a very hard time getting the new crisco to crust even with marangue powder. Heres to hoping you have better luck!
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