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thnks so much for sharing your talents with us.
Thanks so much for your videos. they are very helpful!
I would use a 12 (72) a 9 (36 with alittle extra) and a 6. this way you have 108 servings and the 6 for their 1st anniversary.
what about a fbct of a chacter mouse or cheese with mice running around in it. as for the saying I dont konw.
I think the prego cakes with the bellys could be good for this just make alittle belly and write our congratulations on your pregnancy on it. that just what i was thinking.
i have never used anything but Jekings Alternative Marshmallow Fondant Recipe. I love it and have never had any problems. it calls for crisco in the mmf itsself. Does not stick to bad but i do greese my hands bows, dow hook, spatula, and counter to help with the sticking.
this tread is great!! all i take with me is aleady on hear but the other ideas are awesome also.
I have not tried this yet but i plan on doing so in the near future but i have read rave review about Sams buttercream icing. And It seems to be pretty reasonably priced. There are a few threads on here about it just search Sams and i think you should be able to find it.
As long as the shreds are pretty small i dont see why you cant just use them. Ive never tried it before but have been tempted since i hate shreading 4 cups of carrots so if you do it let us know how it turns out.
im still fairly new to this site. been on for about 5 months but the things i have learned are immeasurable. there is a wealth of knowledge out there just read everything you can. and no question is a stupid one. we all have to start somewhere. Dont be afraid to ask anything that is why i love this place so much everyone is very nice and helpful.
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