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sweetrat, you have a great point. the cakes i first did in class i was so happy about and now looking back on them they are a reck. As we learn and improve our skills we also become more critical of our work. I agree with everyone else dont sell yourself short i am sure your customer will be very pleased with them even if you are not.
Thanks indydebi this is a fantastic way to explain your to poeple just how much time we actually spend on one cake. I will remember it next time i am quoting a price to someone. Helps them grasp just how labor intensive a cake can realy be.
I did not know what to do with myself. I felt lonley, and lost. lol I'm so glad its back...and so is my husband i have been complaining to him all day because it was down!
thank you i have been wanting to make a pirate ship cake now i have the instructions i just need a reason!
it should be fine...I have learned form cc that somthing in the sugar stabilizes the milk so it does not need to be refriderated. I use milk in my bc and never refrigerate.
I just use alittle more royal to stick flowers to my mmf.
I have found that if you crush the rk before you add them to the mm they make a firmer RKT. easier for me to mold. hope that helps!
Ive never tried this before but i think I read it on here somewhere. Put it in a turned off oven and turn on the light. Im not sure if it was for royal or gumpast so maybe im not much help. sorry hope you get your answer.
sounds too good thanks for sharing!
Your cake looks great!! I just did my first wedding cake this past weekend. Square covered in fondant and it looked kinda lumpy to me. I dont know what i did wrong...I think i might have iced it too thick under the fondant. oh well live and learn. atleast it was just a very small cake...ordred last minute by the aunt of a close friend. they only wanted something for the bride and groom to cut.
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