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Im looking into purchasing an airbrush but i dont have a clue whats best. Do any of you who have airbrushes have any suggestions on brand and kind. And how much should i expect to pay for a decent one. I have used a double action airbrush (regular, not for cakes) in the past and i did like how it worked, so if possible i would perfer a double action.Any help is greatly appriciated!!Thanks, Amanda
Thanks so much for all the help. Mine turned out pretty good. Unfortunitly the cake as a whole did not fair so well...terribly hot and humid weather gave me my first cake disaster...oh well, live and learn. It worked out ok i guess. Ill post a pic once I get them downloaded.
thanks so much bashini, ill go check it ou!
thanks Kim!
Does anyone have any suggestions or instructions on makeing a gumpast hibiscus. I looked but couldnt find any info on cutters or instructions. I have a tropical themed cake for this weekend and thought it would be nice if i could make some in the next few days.thanks for all the help!
i was thinking meringue cookies as well...good luck finding whatever they are
I have seen it when done when you print out what you want it to say in the font and size you want. then take a tack and punch small holes on the words. the holes will be raised on the back side and then (as long as your bc is crusting) all you have to do is gently press the backside on the cake. then trace to stencle it made with bc or royal. I hope that makes sense to you.
Absolutly do it!!! Its a great idea. get your name out there, let people see what amazing work yo do. Then when you open your business you wont have to work as hard people will know who you are.
I have a Scion XB and i love it!!!! Its a bib square box so it fits so much. Seats fold down almost completly flat but i dont usualy need to fold them. The back cargo area holds a full sheet cake box with out touching the seats. Also since it is square there is plenty of height and so much room to manuver things around. Rides smooth and handles well. Pluss it has so much room to customize the outside with a paint job or just magnets. Also it is a small i get...
So nice of you to do that for everyone. My husband has been telling me how easy it is but i still have not i think i will.
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