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How do you store Cake pops?   Can they be frozen?  How long??  Thanks in advance:)
Thank You!
I was looking up the Wilton Chocolate butter cream recipe and it calls for milk.  If I used whipping cream instead do you think it would taste ok?  Has anyone ever substituted cream for milk?   Thanks in advance!
I would roll it up on the roller and then un roll it just like any large piece of fondant.Or you can use your arms. Thats what I end up doing because the fondant sometimes sticks when rolled up. Good luck with it and show us a picture.  I'd love to do that myself some day.  :)
I need your input. I have Picture it by Microsoft but it cant be a pain to use. Any input you cant give me would be great.
Thank you. Have not thought of that! I will try it and see how it goes on a paper plate.
Than ks for your help!!
Oops. Didn't want the face. Lol. Use 8 egg whites.
Yes, Use egg whites ( and all clear vanilla flavoring. Hth
The WASC recipe does really well. Recipe is here on CC.
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