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Why does the chocolate get super thick?  Did I heat it too much?  and why does it get little round circles on the surface when i put it in the fridge?   Pink did not do it but the green did ,.
I should have said they are teapot pops..I'm afraid the handle and spouts witll break off. 
I made a syrofoam stand should i just transport them in that? 
Do I keep them in the styrofoam the were made it.   Can i put them in the wrapped styrofoam base I made or should i put them in at the venue?   Thanks much!   
Thank you!
Has anybody ever colored the clear sugar sprinkles that wilton sells?    If so HOW?   
Thanks, I'm using the WASC recipe.  I'm hoping that 1 batch will do it. :)  My pops are about 1 inch or maybe 1/14 ??  I don't know I have not measured. 
Thanks for some great ideas :)
I thought of getting styrofoam and covering it with wrapping paper, but just want to see if there are any creative people out there to give me ideas.   I don't want it too look like just a bunch on a block.  Thanks  in advance :)
how much cake for 7 dozen cake pops??  Starting to stress... 
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