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HELP! I am having a really hard time doing a fondant ruffle. It rips or sticks to the board. Whats the secret?? thanks in advance!
I added the orange color a few hours ago. I added almost a whole americolor bottle, I think maybe I'll try adding a touch of red??  eeks.
Do you know if the Wilton chocolate melts are gluten free?
I'm trying to get a deep orange color of bc.  I added orange Americolor and electric orange... could I add a bit of red to deepen it???   Has anybody else done this?   Thanks in advance.
Will do!  Thanks!
Thanks Icer101,  I'm covering the cake in bc but the bow will be attached to a ribbon of fondant.  So should I use melted chocolate? I did stick a couple of toothpicks in it to secure it better  too.    Thanks for your reply!
It will be in the middle of the tier not resting on the lower tier.  I did this before and it was a pain in the rear.  
Has anybody attempted making this cake?   Do you think its covered in all chocolate then iced with bc?   I have bride who wants this cake.   I' love to know who did do this one and give them credit.    Thank you :)              
Some of them look like they are half lanterns. Just make the half and let dry around a pencil or pen of the thickness you want.
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