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I have to travel about 90 min. With a topsy wedding cake. Any suggestions from those who have done it? I'm very nervous!
Can I make raspberry mousse filling using the pre-made sleeve filling? 
Good Point!
Thanks Soldiernurse,  I do put mine in the fridge but not overnight.  hummm   I put crisco in my chocolate, maybe I'll try veg. oil the next time.   The chocolate seems thin in spots and thicker in others.   I only add just a tiny bit of icing to the cake because my cakes are moist anyway.
Is there a secret to perfect cake pops?  ;I can't seem to get it.   If the pop is good the chocolate is messed up.  Thanks for your help!  :)
No, I have not bikemom3  Makes sense though because I do that for long borders.  I will try that.  Thank you!
Mine stretches and deforms every time!!  I'm sorry I do not know who made this cake. Its lovely!!!!  . 
Thank you all!! I'm just a bit scared about this one. I made only one before for my 50th didn't fall over but it was about to! I'm going to use a leveler when I carve out the top for the bottom to sit in.
Yes, I use that too. I'm wondering if I should stack it when I get there? I usually do it straight out of the fridge when the icing is still a bit hard. It will be covered in BC with fondant accents.
Hi there, I have a topsy tuvy wedding cake that has to be delivers 60+ miles EEK! What tips can you give me for supports, carving and placing tiers on, traveling??? ANYTHING!!!
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