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Good to know. Thanks!
They all come out muted. Any advice? Thanks much!! 
Can I put a tier covered with sprinkles in the fridge overnight? Will it sweat and ruin the colors? TIA!!!
It looks like a Peony, but I'm not sure. Thanks
Thank you all for your ideas!!! I like the idea of RCT for the back stand up..... I love planning as well.  :)  Thanks much again!
Its not going to have legs, but I like the foam core idea and the L brackets!  Thank you.
Hello there,  I have a request for a pinball machine.  The flat rectangle part I have down.  The back and the part that stands up however is not coming to me on how to do this.   I think I want to use cardboard and cover with fondant.  Is there a trick with it?  How would I get it to stand up behind the bottom flat part (cake)?   Thanks much for you help!   PS: I could not find a singe tutorial on this :(
hello, last year I got my cottage food law license in California I'm wondering if anyone uses TurboTax for businesses to file their taxes. How does it work for you? thank you in advance.
Thank you all!
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