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I think so, too! No problem. My mama always told me I should share
Ok, thanks guys! I wasn't sure if the foil would get into the cake when I hammered the dowel through or not. Biting into tinfoil is NOT cool. The rainbow cake is awesome! I love the colors inside So pretty! I think I'll dowel it JUST to make sure it survives the trip in to work. Thanks for your help, everyone! I really appreciate it!
Oh, I hope so, too! I know the experts around here can answer both of our questions
Ok, I'm going to be attempting a crawfish boil cake for my Major's retirement party here at work. I'm planning on making it a 10" chocolate WASC cake, and I'd like to make it 3 layers. I've read that if I make it that tall, I need to use horizontal and verticle supports. So I was planning on stacking the two layers like I usually do, then putting a cake board down and then putting the 3rd cake layer on top of that, then using dowels hammered all the way through into the...
Hey, that's what I was gonna say! What if my doctor TOLD me to make exlax brownies for myself so I could... well, to quote Monk last night... "Do you have to make?" And don't think if I had a thief in my office I "fed" exlax brownies to, I wouldn't be asking that every time they got up!!! "Do ya? Do you now? AGAIN?! Wow! That's like 3 times already! WHAT did you eat??" It's MY food, I can do anything I dang please with it, YOU shouldn't be eating MY food unless I offer...
Awww, what a sweet, sweet granddaughter!! And the cupcakes were ADORABLE!
Oh, no picture, yet! LOL I wanted one before bed! Pooh!
Maybe she's just making the Boss a SLICE of cake. To heck with the rest of you! Oh man, I want a picture!!
Ooooo, today's the BIG DAY, right? I'm eagerly awaiting a pic!!
Maybe she IS jealous and it's a little bit of brown-nosing on her part. "Oooo, I'll make the boss' cake and he'll give me a BONUS!"
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