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Sorry for not getting back to y'all sooner. I really appreciate all your help!
I forgot to add that I'm in TX where the humidty and heat are horrible at times. Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated!
I use clear contact paper also. Like GA I'm in TX and the heat is something else so I double the contact paper.
I'm looking for a recipe for whipped cream Icing that is not to soft. Does anyone out there have a good recipe they would share?Thanks
thanks everyone.... this really, really helps
Does anyone have a good receipe for Choc. Butter Cream icing?Thanks
Sit directly across the table or directly in front of the left handed person. What they see is backwards to you but left handed to them.Give it a try it works I have a left handed son.
Yes, I have..... I cooked a 9 x 13 cake on the grill once and it came out just great! I placed 4 empty tuna cans on the grill and then set my pan on top of the cans. It's probably something I would not do every day, but we had a storm and the lights were out for several days. We wanted cake so I cooked on the grill and it worked out just fine. Oh, by the way the grill was propane, but I don't see why it wouldn't work with coals the same way.
Thanks to all, I'm going to try chocolate, but I did do the Fondant put black glitter on the top and red on the edges and it worked perfect.Thanks for all your help.
I also use gumpaste/fondant gule and it works great!
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