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How far in advance do you make your chocolate-covered oreos?As for the softening of the chocolate, could tempering the chocolate make a difference in whether or not your chocolate hardens?
jamiekwebb - where the pictures are threw me too at first - I believe mumof3 is referring to looking to the far left of your screen, beyond this text section - in the ad section. There you will find the Twitter button with the blue bird. The Cake logo is in the header at the top of screen, just above the "home", "recipes", etc. buttons.As for how to get a grey blue... I would start with Americolor Blue and try adding any or a combination of the following, in...
I tried to sign up for the newsletter and received the following message...Not FoundThe requested URL /cgi-bin/formmail.cgi was not found on this server.Apache Server at Port 80
With my unscientific 2 cents here, I can say I bought a box of Sweetex Dec 2010 and it looks and functions in the same way today as the day I eagerly opened the box. It lives on the floor in the pantry, faithfully awaiting its next assignment. I'm a hobby baker and in 7 months, have used about 1/3 of it. I sure hope it lasts forever (or at least until I use it up).I'll give you a bump for an official answer.I just took a look and the box has a 1 888 404 1004 phone # for...
Great q-tip idea!It must be operator error on my part - cutting out a daisy. I bought one plunger cutter and that worked better than the thin plastic cutters I have. I don't have a lot of experience with gumpaste. I'm wondering if I should wait longer for the gumpaste sheet to harden a bit more before I attempt to cut.Someone out there is mumbling, "Practice makes perfect!" That I know. It's finding the time to do the practice that is my roadblock. It's a good thing...
That I don't know. Maybe bubble wrap? Hopefully, someone else will weigh in here.
If the cookies are not going to be totally flat (i.e.- slight curl in flower petals), you may experience some breakage when stacking. Be careful. These are gorgeous. What a great mom!
I don't know how big your daisies are, but I like to group in odds in designs so I'm going to say 3 is perfect. I have tried and failed (miserably) to cut out the darn daisy. I lose petals all the time. I need more practice. Any tips on how to get them out of a cutter without mangling them?
I saw parts of that episode. I recall he used gelatin in his mix but that is all I can remember. I'd love to know this recipe too!
mine does it too.
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