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Any ideas for the cake do you all use homemade cakes or box mix. I have a baby block cake due next saturday so I have made one this week to try and lots of cumbs on the crumb coat so I didn't know if I should use a dense cake or not.
I am doing a wedding cake this weekend and using the sugar grapes and do I take off the grapes from the stems or leave them on? How long can they be kept out of the refridge?
I have been doing a lot of Chocolate cakes and when I put the cumb coat and then goto ice the cake the cumb coat comes off and then chocolate cumbs get on my icing. It looks bad and I have my first wedding cake this weekend and the grooms cake is chocolate. Any ideas to help me with this problem?
Does anyone know how to make the Cup Cake Cakes. I love the look but never have triedThanks
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