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Thank you - I'm not getting emails - so I didn't know anyone had answered.Yes, but it doesn't always work for me - I don't know why. So wish me luck.
I'm sorry if this has been answered somewhere - but I've searched through the cakeball threads forever!I need to make 200 cake balls - and am trying to figure out how much white chocolate I'm going to need. She doesn't want candy melts either. Also, anyone know a good site to order the chocolate? I can only get 6 oz premium Bakers brand white chocolate around here.Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
Yes, you can cover cakes with it. I do a crumb coat of buttercream first - then cover with the fondant.
Well - depends on the recipe. The WASC cake recipe bakes flat.
I just noticed the other day that Hobby Lobby sells Americolors now. If they have Electric Green maybe you can get it locally now.
Here's one I did: literally just cut a slice out after I had filled it and set it aside. I cut a cake circle to fit underneath - then iced it separately (I didn't use fondant, but it wouldn't matter) - then used a dowel rod to hold it up on the top of the other cake just like a regular tier.Because you're cutting the cake - you'll have that raw edge and need to chill the cake and then crumb...
I've done a one tier cake with fondant before with this recipe. It'll be fine.
Here's my first (and only so far) topsy turvy. was 8, 10, 12. As you can see, it almost fell over! I've never had a problem with dowelling before, but I guess the topsy turvy weight did me in - and I didn't even travel with it. Just from kitchen out to the deck. LOL It was for my niece and she loved it anyway - but I spent about an hour in the morning repairing it as best I could. Be...
Wish I could help - but sending good thoughts your way!!
Those cakes are gorgeous and look and sound delicious! Now no decorating stress - you can just focus on super yummy!
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