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What a great cake! A few years ago I made a elephaunt cake and was searching for ideas- yours is amazing and I will have to give it a try! Thanks for all of the instructions! Do you have a picture of the back?Great Job!
I have found plastic and even rubbery doilies at the $1 store. I have found them in a variety of sizes from 2 inches or so to 14 inches. You might try looking there.
I am making a cake for a friends birthday in a few weeks. I want to make the base a very vivid royal blue. My concern is that the blue will bleed onto the guests hands and turn their teeth blue. I have seen this happen in the past and am not sure how to prevent it, or if I am doing something worng to begin with when mixing up the color. Any tips or ideas?Sharon
I went to the website to check it out. If it works out MrsMissey I would consider trying it out myself. However, on the application page it mentions a "Bakery Name." Does that meen that home bakers are not alowed to become members? I just make cakes and things by word of mouth and for people that I already know so I dont have a "Bakery Name." What are some of your thoughts about this. Should I just sign up anyway and chance it or not? Sharon
I have read every post but still have the questions.....1. What is the best crusting buttercream to use to get the best edge on a square cake?2. What is the best consistancy for the frosting to get the smoth, straight edge effect?All tips and ideas would be a great help.I have used the viva teq. and smothed the my fondant smother but was thinking about using the rollingpin teq. for a large 16x16 square cake this weekend. What would be the best to use with this teq.,...
Thank you so much! It would be such a help!
Well~#1. There is a cake with a lattice pattern on the side and a small cut out pattern in the middle. #2. There is also a teapot cake with a colorflow spout and handle that I was wanting the pattern for. I know that I could probably make these myself but I think that it is always nice to have a pattern.Thanks
Hey,I found the yearbook from 1978 at the local thrift store. There is cake that I would like the pattern for. Does anyone have an idea where I could get the pattern book for that year? Is there a website where I could download the patterns that I need?Any ideas or information would be helpful.Thanks!
Hello everyone!!I am pretty new to all of this but as a way to kind of get the word out and show people what I can do I told everyone ( friends/family) that I would make the first cake for them for free but after that I would charge! It has seemed to work out well. By using what the person wanted for the free cake as a practice I no longer have an excess of cake that dosnt get eaten and they get a onetime free cake. So far everyone seems to think that it is fair way to...
I will be making a 16x16 2 layer chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting and no filling. On top will be a 10x10 cake set to look like a table which will also be coverd with buttercream. I will also have a teapot and 4 teacups that will be coverd with fondant. Would storing the cake in the fridge make the buttercream dry? What would be the best way, should I cover it with something? How about the fondant covered teapot and cups? What would be the best way to...
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