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I print them out, cut out the letters with an exacto knife, then use the letters as a template and cut them out of fondant with an exacto. Works so well and you don't get "stray pin holes".Good luck!
When I came up with mine, "Cake or Death", it came from a comedy sketch I love by Eddie Izzard. A couple days later, I also thought of "Cake and Dagger". There are so many great plays on words you could use. Definitely go for something creative. I constantly get comments on how much customers love the name of my business!
sweetjan - Thanks! Yes, my husband said that if they all got together and put their time (and obvious level of savvy and smarts) toward the greater good cancer would be cured in a matter of months! It's sad that these people have to turn the rest of us into such cynics.
leahs - Thanks for your comment. I honestly just didn't notice because of the barrage of orders I have been getting during wedding season. I have gotten many "internet only" orders through the same channel that have been completely valid as people in a younger generation use this means of purchase and communication often.I just wanted to pass along the information to others who might be targeted. Since starting my business I have been constantly targeted by Melaluca,...
Ok bakers. Please take note of this and be wary of "sight-unseen" orders. I feel embarassed and foolish, even though I was able to catch the scam before I lost money. Here's what happened:I post ads on Craigslist and several weeks ago I got an email from a man claiming to be "brittish but marrying a woman from Ontario" (Ontario, Canada). He said that he had seen my cakes and my site and loved my work. He sent me a photo of a cake and said that he would like me to make the...
It's actually better to have the layers nice and cold. Makes for easier icing.
I need to spray lustre dust on the wedding cake I'm doing this week. My question is, (I've never used the airbrush for this before) should I mix the lustre with vodka (this is what I normally do when using it to paint by hand) or lemon juice? I've heard some of the masters (i.e. Colette Peters) use lemon juice. Anyone know the difference? Had experience? Tips? Warnings? Thanks!
Do you have a link to that image in the gallery? I'd love to see it!
Do you have a good cake supply place nearby? In a pinch I've bought pre-made bows from my local store. Good luck!(Maybe you're making the bows too thick? When I did my last one with gumpaste (the pink cake in my photos) the gumpaste was hard and transportable by the next morning and I didn't use any seran-wrap for forms.)
Bump! I'd like to hear this too!
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