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Thanks! Would you suggest adding the petals at the venue once the icing has warmed up or would it be OK to add them before refrigerating?
I am doing an cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and gumpaste rose petals, should I add piping gel or gum glue to the back of the petals before placing them on the cake?
There are 72 complaints with the BBB dealing with the delivery of Cake Central Magazine, and their rating is an F.   While I love the magazine, I have had issues with the inconsistency of delivery and non existent customer service.  
I have not received an issue since January, have placed three phone calls and about a dozen emails to various email addresses-to no avail.  I love the magazine, but not the customer service!  What the heck!!?? Why is it that there are so many complaints, and even on their own website they are choosing to not respond!!???
Any advice on the best place to buy Patchwork Cutters?
When you make a cake using pound cake, do you use simple syrup at all?
Thanks, Grandmom, I will start with those sites.Mimi, I think that has been my biggest hesitation, the way they will bake in a regular pan, do you usually have to trim the outside all of the way off? I imagine using parchment will help the outside from getting too "crusty"...
I would like to try pound cake for my cakes, I usually use WASC or a few scratch recipes, but have not tried pound cake....Has anyone had great success with using pound cake? Any suggestions on recipes that you have had success (or not) with?TIA
I wasted 4 different cake recipes and multiple hours yesterday working on yellow cake...I have tried both scratch recipes and doctored and cannot seem to find a recipe that I like.....any suggestions?
Thank you, BlakesCakes!!!
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