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Thank goodness I read this! HE EMAILED ME THIS WEEK!!!!
I would have charged WAY more than $80. It's not worth your time for less.
I feel for you. I still do favors for some of my original customers (as in, I barely chage them the ingredient costs) but sometimes they take advantage and it makes me want to scream. One lady emailed me more times about a birthday cake then my brides do on a cake 20 times the size and price. It's unreal.
OK, I did it.It buckled a little, but nothing too bad. I will post a photo in the gallery - its a tea cup
thanks moydear!!
i don't know if it can wait till pulling temp.....its a tricky mold I made. Never heard of anyone mixing gumpaste and casting?
thanks for the bump!
I was about to go cook up some isomalt and cast it in a peice of gumpaste when I realized I had never done this - will the gumpaste melt???Its a cake for my moms birthday so I was getting all I am afraid that since I didnt use pastillage, I am doomed!Please help
freshness depends on the flower and how fresh it is to begin withthose foam things can be dunked in water to feed the flower (but its heavy and messy that way - be warned). without that, a fresh flower, no water in foam, a day.
I think if you are just starting, the betty crocker book on cake decorating has some great techniques and ideas. Toba Garrettes book is great, too - very comrehensive.
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