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I'm thinking of redoing our kitchen. I would love for you all to share what your home kitchens look like and also pictures of where you hold your tasting/consultations. Can't wait to see what you have!
I'll have to keep an eye on this. Because I'm wondering the same thing!
I am a new decorator located in Durham, NC. I have been decorating cakes for 2 years now. I'm trying to get more wedding cake orders set up for this year. My website to see pictures is
Yeah not very good with gumpaste. The customer gave me a picture she wanted me to replicate. It was done with fondant so that's why I chose to do it in fondant too.I think I've heard in the past that you can add a little gumpaste to your fondant. Is that true? Did I hear that correctly?
LOL!! Thanks! Why didn't I think of that!!
I have a cake due tomorrow where there will be a fondant crown standing up on top. I made the crown this morning thinking it would have stiffened up a little by know. But it hasn't!! The fondant is still very soft. What do I do??? It's due tomorrow around 11am.
I tried searching it already. But couldn't find anything about it. But thanks for your input. I do let people know the truth if they ask. I just sometimes feel embarrassed by saying I do start with a mix. I know I shouldn't because I have never thought a scratch cake ever tasted good to begin with.LOL!
I start with a cake mix and add several things to it. Im curious on what other cake decorators do. Also what do you say when someone asks you if you make your cakes from scratch? And you don't.
I provided the link below. Im fairly new with cake decorating but am always up for a challenge. How would I make this bath tub and shower head? How much would you charge someone you wanted a Double Layer 10" round cake with strawberry filling. Thanks in advance for your help.
Great idea! Will try. But here is another question. How long can you keep a cake frozen in the freezer without it going bad?
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