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I know this is old, but i remember reading somewhere that there is a pattern to make this cake? can someone point me in that direction. thanks!
interesting! thanks!
good idea! i was alrady thinking to use candy melts to keep the candles in the fondant balls, so it makes sense to use it secure the balls to the board. thanks!
Hi! Im trying to figure out the best way to attached the tall cake candles to the decorated cake board. Similar to how Pink Cake Box does (see attached)?I would like to add the candles before pickup so they would need to stay in place during delivery,.Thanks!
if you have the freezer space i would do all baking on the same day, same for buttercream.
i made this recipe over the weekend. it doesnt contain jello which was a plus for me. it was pretty good - not overly sweet.i paired it with one layer of strawberry filling and one layer of cream cheese filling.
definitely looks like two layers.
how much liquor do you add to the ganache?
Hi- Im trying to figure out a way to edit the wording on the juicy couture logo. instead of it saying juicy couture i would like it to say happy birthday. does anyone know how i can do this?
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