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"Chips" as in the candy melts, correct?
YES!!!!! THAT'S IT !!! EXACTLY !!!!! :)
My memory has failed me.....A fellow customer mentioned she melts a ??oz. pkg of Wilton candy melts, then adds 1 can of store-bought (DH or BC) frosting, pours it inside a cookie cutter till set (in fridge? or on counter), removes the cookie cutter, leaving a piece of chocolate candy/fudge.  So, now I just need to know if anyone has ever made these, and if so, how much of each and do you have any advice/opinions about this?  Thank you :)
Yeah, I've heard that one too, both about my cookies, truffles, and secret recipe chicken salad, all of which my mom asked for.  Ironically AFTER my sister had asked me a few times for my "Secret Recipe Chicken Salad" recipe... then my mom asked me for it too.  Really?  So she could turn around and give it to my sister? I wanted to suggest they both look up the word "secret" in the dictionary .  There have been many recipes that we have shared but I want to have a few that...
  Thank you for your reply.  That was my 1st logical guess too BUT the question is... to what?  Since there's already 3 shallow elongated plastic pieces molded as part of the bottom in lieu of actual feet/bumpers, and the 4 holes (see new attachment) don't seem to be in logical spots (evenly spaced near the edge) nor are they all the same size, I'm at a loss.  Hmmm.
I was just given a VINTAGE (I think) Wilton Kolorflo water fountain (brown cardboard box says "Manufactured in Germany for the Wilton Co. a division of Pillsbury Co."; funny because tissue paper directions say "Made in Taiwan"???  Anyway, I have NO CLUE what these little white rubber cone- shaped pieces are (see attached pic).  At first I thought they were rubber feet for the white & red water flow pistons, because they fit perfectly inside them.  I discovered the white...
I'd still LOVE a couple more ideas.  BTW does anyone have Black Forest Cake recipes that they've tried, which turned out really good, whether for cake or cupcakes?  Anybody have a clue if this could be substituted for vanilla in cookie dough or would it turn out blah/weird/gross? 
THAT'S IT!!!  I couldn't for the life of me remember what the name of the cake was that I made for my brother's friend a couple years ago.  Now I wish someone would order enough of them so I could use this bottle up  :)  Thank you :)
Thanks for the reply.  Any clue how much to use and for what size cheesecake?  Better yet, do you happen to have a recipe that I can follow?
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