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Hey thanks for providing this link!!!  I have seen many of Julia's tutorials but don't recall seeing this technique.  Thought I was subscribed to her blog...hmm... I'm going to have to double check.  :)
Yes, that same thought crossed my mind too  
That sounds logical to me :)  THANKS
MYSTERY... How can I get typed print like this, on my cookies?  It doesn't look like it's an icing sheet.    
"Chips" as in the candy melts, correct?
YES!!!!! THAT'S IT !!! EXACTLY !!!!! :)
My memory has failed me.....A fellow customer mentioned she melts a ??oz. pkg of Wilton candy melts, then adds 1 can of store-bought (DH or BC) frosting, pours it inside a cookie cutter till set (in fridge? or on counter), removes the cookie cutter, leaving a piece of chocolate candy/fudge.  So, now I just need to know if anyone has ever made these, and if so, how much of each and do you have any advice/opinions about this?  Thank you :)
Yeah, I've heard that one too, both about my cookies, truffles, and secret recipe chicken salad, all of which my mom asked for.  Ironically AFTER my sister had asked me a few times for my "Secret Recipe Chicken Salad" recipe... then my mom asked me for it too.  Really?  So she could turn around and give it to my sister? I wanted to suggest they both look up the word "secret" in the dictionary .  There have been many recipes that we have shared but I want to have a few that...
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