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I'd still LOVE a couple more ideas.  BTW does anyone have Black Forest Cake recipes that they've tried, which turned out really good, whether for cake or cupcakes?  Anybody have a clue if this could be substituted for vanilla in cookie dough or would it turn out blah/weird/gross? 
THAT'S IT!!!  I couldn't for the life of me remember what the name of the cake was that I made for my brother's friend a couple years ago.  Now I wish someone would order enough of them so I could use this bottle up  :)  Thank you :)
Thanks for the reply.  Any clue how much to use and for what size cheesecake?  Better yet, do you happen to have a recipe that I can follow?
Do you have any examples of "painted" on Royal that I can see?
Need a few recipes to use up bottle of Dekuyper Kirschwasser Natural Cherry Flavored Brandy.     Hoping someone has quite a few different recipes so I don't have to have this bottle in my cupboard forever.  I bought it over a year ago for 1 cake that a customer requested.   Thankyou
SUPER NERVOUS because I've never made a cake like this before (super top-heavy).  I'd like to know how many pounds the Wilton "ROMAN COLUMN TIER SET" will hold.  VERY SOON, I have to make a 4 tier wedding cake (2 layer 8, 10, 12 & 1 layer 14" round) and have NO IDEA how heavy they will be when I ice them.  I only know that a 1 layer 16" sq. with icing weighed 10 Lbs. & a 2 layer 14" round weighed 12 Lbs.  ALL 4 of these tiers will be on TOP of the 18" top plate of this...
Hey!  I had this same issue.  I used a Wilton colored icing sheet, paper punched around the edge and ironically/luckily the angle of the dolls arms sticking out was just right to make it look like she was holding the sign/banner.     Option 2: Roll out a piece of fondant, cut it in the shape you want (square/rectangle) including a decorative edge if you want, lay a piece of wire (wider than the span between the dolls outstretched arms) 1/4" from the farthest edge, brush...
I have some "Stay Ice" icing stabilizer from lady cakes.  Can't seem to find her on the net.  On the container it says 2 Tbsp per batch.  Problem is, how big of a batch?  My recipe makes 5-1/2 c. of icing so if ANYBODY knows how much I should add, I'd REALLY appreciate it ASAP since I have 3 cakes to make for Wednesday.  Thank you :)
I have some icing images that are at the shattering stage if I try to cut them apart with xacto or scissors.  Is there ANY way to salvage/save these?
If you only have a few photos and something is better than nothing... Is it possible to print your pics onto photo paper, buy some sort of paint from a craft store and a fine brush, paint around the edges of the cake in the pic and out to the edges of the paper, let it dry, scan the pic back into your computer and onto Facebook?  I know this is a long way around and might not be the best quality but it's worth a try if your background clutter is too...
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