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Thanks Kazita. I will give this a try. Im doing a test run this weekend.
Hi,  I'm looking for a cake recipe to make for my daughter's bday.  She's having a party with 12 classmates.  I have already made all of the decorations for the cake.  I made an Ariel figurine and two other characters from the movie and some under the sea stuff.  I would like something simple.  She likes vanilla and chocolate.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Manya
I am making a chocolate and vanilla buttercream icing. Mu husband when shopping this morning and got butter that was on sale but it wasn't unslated. Can I still use it in my recipe? The vanilla one doesn't call for adding any salt to it. The chocolate one calls for a pinch of sugar.Thanks,Manya
i was asked to make an icecream cake for a friend. she would like some sort of vanilla cake and the flavor of icecream doesn't matter. does anyone have a recipe for or any tips for making one? also do you freeze this type of cake when completed? the only kind of icecream cake i have ever had has been all icecream with the addition of cookie crumbs.thanks,manya
your cookies turned out great. what does the creme boquet taste like? i've never seen that before did you order it special?thanks,manya
hi,good luck! i found out last week that i'm going to be on heavy travel from now till mid nov for work. i'm disappointed cause even though they will be mostly one day trips it won't give me enough time to get up there for a class. let me know how it goes. i'm curious about the supplies too!manya
hi,i got this from sur la table and i love using it. i have used it about 15 or so times but i haven't used the pin right on the dough yet. i have been rolling it out between two sheets of parchment paper. i hope someone can answer this i would like to know for the future too. the one thing that i have been concerned about with the board is changing the thickness. it seems like it would be easy to mess up the alignment.manya
luvcake,i just crushed up hard candies and sprinkled them in the cutouts before baking and they melted and filled out the cutout. i made them last year and most of the kids loved them but some adults did not cause of the candy being hard. manya
has anyone used the spritz cookie recipe with cookie cutters? i know it's way too early but i have been thinking about holiday baking. i have all of these holiday cutters and i was wondering if this recipe kept it's shape and could be used with intricate cutters? also what is your favorite item to bake and most requested for the holiday? i'm looking for some new things to make. last year i made 40 cookie baskets each with 15 different kinds of cookies. i gave that...
i've seen it mentioned a lot and i was wondering what it taste like and how different the taste is from reg bc?thanks,manya
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