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I found a bag of mixed white and pink large marshmallows at the local Mexican ethnic food store in our neighborhood. They taste yummy (tutti frutti and vanilla flavored). Good Luck.
I make chocolate mmf all the time, I just add 1 oz melted unsweetened chocolate to the melted marshmallow and 3/4 cup dutch chocolate (the good powdered stuff) to the powdered sugar (I sift the sugar and chocolate together). Tastes great, everyone raves about it.
I agree with BonJoviBabe, 4 batches should be enough with a little left to spare.
So I called and the owner Tobey is super nice and the kitchen rental rate is $10/hour. Seems reasonable to me, especially if it keeps me out of trouble with the State of WA
I was reading today's Seattle PI and there is an article on the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section about a new cake decorating studio/kitchen than can be rented out to decorators that need a commercial kitchen to create in (cookies, cakes, cupcakes) plus they are offering classes to help brides (or friends) create their own wedding cake. They are also offering gumpaste and sugar blowing classes. I am going to contact her to find out what the rates are. Has...
I recently had to do this color scheme, look in my photo gallery and you will see two cakes in this color scheme.
I use a large star tip, insert into top of cupcake and squeeze until I feel it is as full as I would like it to be. Warning, don't squeeze too much, you could rupture your cupcake. I have seen other threads on this topic on CC, you could do a search. Hope this helps a little bit.
Finally got the check for the remainder today (7 days after the wedding). This was not my first wedding cake, but the other 3 have been smaller, for close friends where everything was paid in advance. I have now learned LOTS from this EXPERIENCE and will make sure to do the following: 1. Charge more, this lady got a screamin' deal and I let her know that today when she showed up at my day job with the check 2. Get a signed contract (thank...
Okay, I need some opinions and ideas on how to handle a customer that failed to bring final payment for cake. As a favor to one of my Miss Seattle contestants, I agreed to do her wedding cake. The mom coordinated all the details, gave me the deposit and was to give a check to the wedding coordinator to give me when I delivered the cake. One, the Mother forgot to give WC check, I made arrangements with WC to get my plates and the check from her the day after the wedding....
Great job!! I love the figures (I have yet to brave the world of modeling fondant into figures). Great inspiration
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