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It's been drying since last night and is almost there, but not quite dry enough for standing. Isn't there a way to put it in the oven? I can't find that post - Please someone help me!
How do you get sugar dough figures to DRY FAST?? My customer will be here in a couple of hours and its not dry yet HELP!![/b]
Does anyone share how to stretch 3 eggs into 4??
I'll give it a shot - thanks!
My recipe calls for 3 tbsp of oil and I'm out... can i use the same amount of butter Help Please! I need to make this tonight..
If the tub says 'whipped' then the recipe won't be as stable or the same measure as the brick.
Try using shortening mixed with the crmchs. Make sure to keep the cake in a cool place.
That's a wonderful idea! Why did you throw it out? Thanks for the shoebox suggestion too
They're mmf 50/50. I'm just wondering how long they'll keep without disintegrating. .
So my daughter is doing a project at school where they have to make a King Arthur castle out of anything they want.. Guess what she wants to do it in! CAKE[u] Even better, she already volunteered me - and the teacher was very excited - BUT the kids have to do it [i] since it's their grade. I just have one thing to say: H E L PI could definitely do it by myself, but how do I help them do it in One Day??
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