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I used some of the directions from this blog when I made my baseball hat cake. this helps!
I have a cake in my pics that has a cowboy hat topper on it. I made the hat from a fondant/gumpaste mixture. I bought some plastic cowboy hats off the web - check amazon or oriental trading company for "plastic cowboy hat decoration" to find something you like. I then put my gumpaste over the top of the hat and conformed it to the shape. For the brim, I turned another one of the plastic hats upside down and put the fondant over the brim part. When they dried, I...
I recently made a pancake cake for some Muslim friends (it's in my pics), and had to paint on food coloring to make the pancakes have a cooked look. I experimented with mixing oil and the food coloring, but it wasn't producing the results I wanted. So, I poked around online and found a suggestion about using lemon juice. It actually worked great! The juice takes a little longer than alcohol to evaporate, but the results were nice.You could try mixing some gold luster...
I can completely understand how frustrating this must be. Not only do you have to drive over there and back again, but you have to fix your cake which is always stressful.At the same time, take it as a compliment that your cake was so awesome and realistic looking that you fooled him into thinking it was a real purse! With a purse cake, realism is usually the look decorators are going for!
Good to know! Thanks.
I could be totally wrong here (wouldn't be the first time), but don't the sleeved fillings need to be refrigerated once they're opened?? So once you've opened them up and put it in the cake, doesn't that start the "refrigeration clock" right there?
Thx all! It actually is a bit denser and moister. I tried some scraps and could only tell a slight difference, as could my husband, but definitely not a disaster. Whew!
Hi all,I'm making the Cake Mix Doctor's Ever-So Moist Chocolate Cake recipe, and I transposed the oil and water amounts. It SHOULD have been 1/2 cup oil and 3/4 cup water, but I did it backwards (1/2 cup water & 3/4 cup oil).Is this a disaster in the making? I'm baking it up now anyway, but has anyone done this before? What were the results?Many thanks!
w00t! for WoW. It's one of my other hobbies besides baking. Does he need to be standing? You could have him laying down. There's a slew of dragon cakes on here with the dragons resting on something so you don't have to create an internal structure. I did one - he's in my pics.Just an idea. Might make your life easier.
I'm not much help on having him in the walking position, but I made a dragon cake based on a tutorial with lots of pics in a magazine I found. The dragon based on a Lindy Smith design and is in my pictures. Instructions are in issue 107 of Cakes and S u g a r c r a ft magazine. It'll maybe give you some starting points as far as cake pans to maybe use, how to carve it, and how to make the scales and wings (if yours has wings).Hope this helps maybe a bit - sorry it's not...
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