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I'm working on renting out a commercial kitchen from a reception hall. My question is how do you decide on a reasonable price? Do you pay a percentage of each cake or do you simply pay per hour you're there? I've been working out of my house and want to get my official bakery license (required in AZ) and I honestly just barely make a profit now. I know more wedding cakes will bring a higher profit margin, but I'm afraid of agreeing to something that will not make getting...
I just received a wedding cake order for a strawberry cake with banana cream filling. I have 2 questions. 1) if I use fresh bananas and make the cake on Friday will they be brown when they cut into it on Saturday??? 2) Should I just use banana pudding or should I fold in some whipped cream??? Any suggestions would be helpful )Thanks!
I just recently bought some luster dust (after seeing the wedding cake competition on the Food Network). I painted a fondant bow with it, but it clearly looks like I painted it. Is there a trick to using the luster dust? I heard to use vodka so I did, but I was really guessing about the consistency. I don't know. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!
After I had a bride and groom test several different raspberry fillings (jam, jam with buttercream, Wilton's raspberry cream recipe, and store bought raspberry filling) they chose a cream cheese frosting that had frozen (and thawed) raspberries mixed in. (It was my favorite too.)
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