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I get 5 dozen when I use white cake with the WASC recipe
I am also in Ohio and pay about $200/year with State Farm. Perhaps the agent made a mistake?
This is going on a sheet cake for a Battle Force 5 them.I was thinking air brushing would be best, but I wasn't sure about texturizing the icing or not.Also, does anyone have any other clever ideas to make this look cool?
Most people don't ask, they just think my cakes taste great (I use a doctored box), but you have to make whatever your customers like!So, no, you don't HAVE to make anything a certain way!
Very nice - I love the color combo.A few picky little things:Can you make all the pictures the same size?On the "About Us" page it should read "many flavors and fillings"There is no link to get back to your home pageWhere are you located and/or what area do you serve?
Put your cut sides towards the middle (if you're layering) or cut side down (for sheet cakes) This limits the crumbs you have to deal with and makes a nice neat surface to ice.
Would you be selling them for the store or for you? I don't know that people will pay what 2D and 3D cakes are worth at a grocery store.
I generally wrap my cakes to freeze while they are still warmish.I learned to keep it wrapped to defrost because then the condensation forms on the wrap instead of the cake. Condensation on cake = soggy. And it makes sense that it keeps any moisture in the cake IN the cake.
I think there is a difference between reading something here on CC and actually having the video.I have read a lot of info here on her method, but I am sure not ALL of it and I would still like to get her videos.(excuse me, I'm old, I mean DVDs )
Here you go!
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