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The OP said she owns a restaurant, not a bakery. It is not outside reasonable assumption that she doesn't bake her own things (the OP). That's all she had to do was say so.Anyway, I think we are being taken for a ride.
Well, first of all, welcome to CC! (I see you just joined yesterday)I'm not sure I understand why you are so angry with her. She just seems to be trying to do the right thing. Yes, she may be ignorant of the rules, but maybe educating her would be more productive on both sides rather than ignoring her or turning her in.
4 " blocks will give you 30 servings(serving size 1.3" x 2" x 4" = 6 servings x 5 blocks = 30)6" blocks will give you more than 60 servings.So, you can either take on the hassle of carving 5" blocks to size, or add two 4" blocks and decorate to co ordinate with the name blocks.HTH!
How do you figure out who is the original designer?
you can also start with pink so you don't have to use so much red.Any color will darken over time - let it sit til next day
I was always afraid, too, that the Wilton party charts would not be sufficient.But I have finally come to realize that they are! I used to really give too much cake. It did take me a while to "trust the charts" It is also helpful if you give people instructions on how to cut the cake. That is esp. true of using Indydebi's method for round cakes. People want to cut those dang wedges and then that is when they don't get enough cake.Yes, people do cut their home-made 9X13...
I add LorAnn oils to my fondant. Raspberry is wonderful! It doesn't seem to matter though...the people that don't like fondant, don't like the texture even if the fondant tastes divine!
That's for just one recipe, right?And yes, the brand will make a difference, too. I get the 5 doz from DH.
Congratulations! (I've been on facebook too much, I keep looking for a "like" button!)
I would not charge extra - it seems about the same amount of time to do a typical scrollwork cake. It is very pretty, I am partial to buttercream cakes, and I really love the henna look of it.
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