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It's a very pretty design, but unfortunately it definitely is not black.It is a good lesson for any of us to try out something first.But seriously, "her day and her pictures are a complete loss"!!! She needs to buck up a little if this is what she considers a disaster, or she will have a very short marriage!I would consider 50% refund appropriate.
Using pre-colored fondant is another way to get the rich deep colors. Satin Ice's colors are staurated so you can mix them with other colors, and white, and get great colors.
Just post the cake picture into your photos and we can go look at it there. You can always take it back out later
I started using them because I was getting a large dome and really had to cut down far to level. There is no problem with the white WASC, just the chocolate.Would filling it a little less help?just wondered if anyone else came across this.LindaF144, I hear ya, maybe someday I'll have time to expewriment with that!
great stories guy!I have it in my head that I have the WASC recipe "memorized", so I don't always look at it...of course that's when the phone rings, itec, and I forget stuff! You'd think I'd learn by now?
My digital scale! (I know, I could've just measured - but it's SO much easier on the scale now!)Thanks everyone for the kind words!
So the cake is in the oven....I go to start making icing and discover batteries are dead ...I have extra! ... but wrong size Go to grab a cup of coffee before I go to the store and see 8 eggs SITTING ON THE COUNTER! Cake's been in 15-20 minutes so I decide to give it a becomes obvious it's not going to work Have to make new batch, but still need batteries Pouring rain, run into store but not before stomping in a huge puddle Store doesn't...
I use the version without oil, bake at 325 and I use flower nails. This just started happening when I started using the bake even strips. I don't have any trouble with the white one.Any ideas?
but they may not fit in your home oven!
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