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Do you mean a pressure glove, like to help with arthritis or carpel tunnel?
I have tried brown sugar as sand and it doesn't taste very good.Vanilla wafers for me, or combining with grahams and a "little" brown suagr.If you want some sparkle, add some of the large sugar crystals
Not sure, but "less red" is not always "pink"Maybe if you used pink icing colors?
Camouflage CakesServing You CakePatriotic PastriesI'm not that creative but maybe it will get something started
I am still using the KA that I got for our wedding 17 yrs ago. I've heard enough problems with the new ones that I am dreading having to ever replace mine.Sorry to hear about yours.
sugarmoon - keep the cakes covered til they are completely defrosted and that will keep the condensation off of the cake
I think the details and the colors on your decorations are good - I love the mouse and the bird! Maybe the cake for your inspiration was bigger to have more room?Look at your work for itself, not in comparison to someone else. You have your own style.Keep practicing, but your gumpaste flowers are way better than anything I can do!
That is what I do, too, for round ones - it's less expensive than buying pre-made cake drums.For sheet cakes I use 1/2 in foamcore board.
You are tired. I know the cake may not have turned out like you imagined but I can almost gaurantee that it's not as bad as you are describing!We all feel this way at times...
I found this cake on CC think the colors look good together, but it's definitely a "halloweenish vibe" but maybe that's what she is looking for.As the PP said add some white. Also, mix it up a little by covering one or two tiers with purple or green.Still not feeling the love for a wedding shower though!
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