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I would do the rounds cut in half, giving you 3D but lying down on the board.Stacked cakes, maybe smaller, to have a standing up bottle would be too ambitious for me!
Thanks for the help!
I have never used salt in my BC frosting and I'm curious...what does it do?It seems odd to me!I'm new here and when I saw the message on the upper left about being addictive I thought "yeah, sure"Well after only a week...I see what ya mean!I'm addicted already!
I never had any problems with crackingThey look like they were just made!
I've used the wilton step-saver - I really like it.I use a 1/2 fondant & 1/2 gumpast mixture. It is much so easier for me to make the roses with it!
I consider 11x15 mid-size, or 1/3 sheet.I get 24 servings from that, but we do seem to like our cake here!Our 1/4 sheets are 9x13
Try freezing the flowers, and put them on the cake frozen. I do this all the time with my roses, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work with drops.Good Luck!
Thank you!I will try the flower nailIt's a 12 inch cake I'm trying
I have a really good banana cake recipe using a mix. It turns out great when I follow the recipe, but when I try to double it for a larger pan it always falls in the center and seems so greasy. Any ideas on how I should adjust the recipe to double it?Banana Cake2 T lemon juice2/3 C milk2 large very ripe bananas1 package yellow cake mix1 tsp baking soda1/2 C butter3 eggs1tsp vanillaOf course I need it for saturday and I have ruined 1 already!Thanks!
How about using a long loaf pan or 2 loaf pans end-to-end?You could then round off the edges and have a 3D submarinecovered with fondant or BC
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