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I'd like to do an edible image plaque ahead of time. Can anyone tell me how far ahead I can do it without the colors fading? I'd like to do it 1 or 2 weeks ahead of time if possible.
George Bush Hates Betty Crocker? Why?!?!?!All of my cakes are variations of the WASC, my people LOVE them, (especially the white) they taste significantly better than what ever else they were getting, including local bakeries that bake from scratch.Make what you want as long as your customers love it.
you guys are funny!
I saw that study and it was definitely flawed. They only asked 14 people who live on busy side streets. People on main streets KNOW that scratch cakes are ALWAYS better because boxes tastes like bark.
How about if the horses are placed on the cake after it gets there?I get nervous with transporting things like that on the cake
It could be the dough. I've only used spritz cookie dough which is specifically for cookie presses, It's the only dough I've used for 20 years!
I use the wilton cookie press and it works great for me!
I think that using the doll is just like using any other character topper.
I always thought that was because her recipe uses whole eggs and the yolk has some fat?
Pretty cool idea, but too bad it's so expensive for just a couple of sizes of cakes.
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