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I second everything kkbritt8 said!
I use the wilton glitter and it doesn't have a "taste" If there is a lot it just "tastes" like dissolving sugar.
Thank you for letting me vent this off!Nice, un-informed lady calls (tuesday morning) to my small home business:"I'd like a cake for my Aunt's 96th Birthday"Me: Oh, how nice! When is it for?"This Saturday"Me: Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm totally booked this weekend."You mean you can't fit in just a sheet cake?"(Insert sound of my spine getting wiggly)Me: Well, if I can deliver it on Friday...what flavor would you like?"Spice cake with browned butter frosting"Me: Well that's not...
Thanks all!
I just got Cake Boss for my birthday and I really love it. I found that for my average cakes I was charging correctly already, and it has really helped me do the figuring for more complex cakes. I tend to price lower for friends, so it showed me how much of a discount I can give and still make profit.I must be easily amused, but the first "real" invoice I printed out was soo exciting! I had been using an off the shelf receipt book.And it is very user friendly and intuitive.
Last year I donated two gift certificates for charity. Neither have been used yet. Do I take the deduction on my taxes for 2010, or this year when they use it?
I agree, what does she mean by "friends'? There should be one friend, or a mom and a friend, or a fiance and a friend, but definitely no multiple friends.I also think you are giving them way too many options. Like IndyDebi says"the spice cake tastes like the white cake, but with spice" and "Chocolate Bav Cream tastes like Bavarian cream, but with chocolate." I can see the carrot and the red velvet and just one more cake flavor.I don't charge for tastings but that is...
I always use WASC and variations for other flavors. It'll stir up a hornets nest to say it doesn't taste any different than scratch.But my customers LOVE it!
I just uploaded one of the mosaic dot type designs to my photos - you can change it to any color scheme and it works for male or femaleAlso, try searching "argyle" in the gallery
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