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It rarely comes up for me either. But when it does, I have absolutely no problem telling people that I use cake mixes but doctor them to get a consistently great taste. I also explain why I freeze my cakes and how it is different than commercial bakeries freeze for mass production.I used to feel a little un-confident about not baking from scratch, but not anymore because my cakes taste fabulous!
Hi SarahHere's a link to the rules for Cottage Foods in Ohio: biggest issue (I think) is no cheesecakes, no whipped cream or perishable fillings, cassata cakes, meringue butter creams, etc.I have my business name registered with the state. It's not necessary, but it prevents someone else from using the name (to a certain degree)You can get a business license so that you can buy supplies...
Unfortunately I think they DID pay for the cakes because the site is only supposed to show "professional" cakes. Although I don't know how they police that.
Perhaps sugar-blossoms is confused about the term "cottage food"The whole point is that we are producing "non hazardous food".As for equipment, I believe we are specifically prohibited from using commercial equipment, for example we have to use a regular home oven.The things she says are either scare tactics because she is making them up in regards to cottage foods, or she is confusing them with "licensed" home kitchens and even "commercial" kitchens.Either way, her first...
Cake central itself is an awesome mentor to start off with! Take some time to read, read, read through the business forum and that alone will answer more questions than you could dream of! Good Luck!
I don't think"the old fashioned lady who does AWESOME cakes" is any less desirable than "the lady with the iphone who does AWESOME cakes"!
My cooling racks are about 10 X 17 and I use two of them.Take one cooling rack and position it upside down over the top of the cake/pan. Grab it all together and flip it over. Then lift off the pan. Then I take the other rack, put it up side down over the cake again and flip it over again so that the top is back up.Does that make sense?
I have quartered the recipes successfully several times (using 1/2 box, etc.).I'm sure the mixes are thoroughly integrated and I've not had a problem.I have also frozen the left over batter. I just thaw it till it is pourable and then it takes a little longer to bake. I remember reading that some have put the frozen batter (in a pan already) and put it in the oven frozen.
I think the cake looks "whimsical" which is perfect for a baby shower. I don't think the deer need to look realistic for this purpose, they do look cute. And the colors are lovely.The only thing I see is that the layers seem to be sagging a bit on the right front corner, but that could be the camera angle.
Yep. All of the supplies are put into a master list and then for each order you just pick what you need to use...cake recipe, icing, boards, foil, etc.
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