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Once after being told that Sam's/Wal-Mart sells "Bettercream" I went there to purchase some. What they sold (at my store) was "But-R-Cream"! Definately not the same thing, so I would make sure they are hearing you correctly.
How about a type of "time line"? Choose a few important historical events with, of course, his birth 60 yrs ago. Then, depending on his faith, you could add an historical event for that.
I have been known to not add enough water when I make the 2 box recipe. I use a 2 cup measuring cup, put in the 2 cups, and then have a brain lapse and forget to put in the extra 2/3 cup. Is that a possibility for you?
Depending on where east you live, the Hobby Lobby in Macedonia is right off of 271.Leah - I cant think of the place you are referring to, can you give me another clue?
Since there is no tax on food, you don't have to worry about that. The only taxes you need to do are for delivery and your income.
Another direction would be to make a "memory" quilt on top of a sheet cake. Each square can represent a different interest.I have one in my photos. Maybe that will give you some ideas.
If you are looking for easy, then the sleeved fillings are the way to go.If you have access to Bettercream, then mixing it with any flavor of instant pudding and some milk makes AWESOME fillings and is still easy.In either case, put a dam of icing around the edge of the bottom layer to keep the filling in. You can use a coupler without any tip for this.Hope that helps!
I have a customer who LOVES Starbuck's Lemon pound cake so here is what I was thinking:2 - layer lemon pound cake with the lemon glaze covering all over, plain Bettercream filling, cover with fondant right over the glaze and then decorate.Will this work?They don't have an aversion to butter cream or anything, I was just trying to replicate the lemon pound cake experience and still be able to decorate it.
They also may be thinking white with almond flavoring (WASC)
Because flour and weather can vary, I measured out one cup of flour 2 or 3 times and averaged it out. I use 130gm - 135 gm and check it a couple of times a year.I also do the same sugar and shortening (200gm & 191gm) but they don't seem to vary for me.
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