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Could someone please help me find the link to download the September 2010 issue? I have only been able to find a page about the preview of that issue, but nowhere can I find download information!
I don't own a printer myself, but maybe this will help anyway...On the occasions I need to purchase an edible image from somewhere, they charge me $8-10 per 8 x 10 page.
Thank you all for your help and suggestions, have a wonderful way with words!!
I would like to send a notice to my frequent customers and need help with the wording. I work from home in a CFL state. I am going to go back to my "real" profession (nursing) and am not going to take any orders after June. I will probably reopen the business on a limited and restructured basis some time in the fall or early winter.Do I give the reason why? Do I need to give parameters for how things will be after I reopen because I am not sure?
I'm not sure if I am understanding the 3D effect that you mean, but if you printed two (or more) copies of the character and then cut out the head/face, put it on a piece if fondant cut to the same and then put that on top of the 1st face? It is a technique used with paper to give 3D effects.HTH
I discovered that I could use the embossing cards found in the scrap booking section to emboss fondant! There are so many of them and they are pretty inexpensive (esp. with a coupon). I know it wouldn't work for the whole cake type of embossing, but I don't do that anyway. I just needed it for small pieces, and didn't want to spend the $$ on one of the big rollers. The cool thing is, you get both sides, so your pattern can be raised up or imprinted in!
You did a good job of getting things under control, but I think next time you could avoid a whole lot of aggravation by taking control at the beginning!
I have decorated right out of the freezer, before any condensation forms, but just a simple swirl. If you let them that first, be sure to leave them in whatever wrapping until they are completely thawed so that any condensation stays on the wrapping, not the cupcake.And the butter cream will be fine, just whip it up a bit before you use it!
Thank you so much for making the tutorial! I was always trying to get the pleats after gluing the ends and this is SO much better!
Smooth iced top with #5 piped in and with shell/swirly/ruffle border and colored sprinkles?balloons?two or three colors icing swirled on top?
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