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I use either Swiss merengue buttercream or Italian merengue buttercream
Actually I have both her books, the well decorated cake and professional cake decorating which she uses for her classes. If you want I can scan the pages with the instructions and email them to your email address. Lomikesa
I use to have that problem when I put filling but since I started using the Toba Garrett spackling technique, I don't have that problem I don't even have to trim the cake anymore because the spackling takes care of even it out. Lomikesa
I do my buttercream writing in wax paper, freeze it and them place on top of the cake with a painters spatula. Lomikesa
You should ways use 50/50 gum paste & fondant. Or Buy tylose and knead some tylose powder into the fondant you want to harden. Lomikesa
I found a great link that teaches you how to get sharp edges with ganache, if anybody is interested it called:Inspired by Michelle. com. au
Thank you Joni,I did buy one Sharon's first DVD "The Art of perfecting buttercream", and it was very helpfull. I think I will look into getting the flowless fondant one.Thank you and thanks to the rest who responded to my question.Lomikesa
I use butter cream, but I don't try too hard to make sharp edges since I am covering with fondant.Lomikesa
I can't never get the sharp edges in my fondant cakes no matter how I try, they look round. I have the round and straight edgers but it still can't get the sharp edges like in some of the cakes I see in the galleries.I am wondering if maybe I need to roll the fondant real thick? can anyone give me some tips or is there a tutorial about sharp edges somewhere?Thanks for your response,Lomikesa
Here are some of my latest cake, I was surprise the Godfather cake did not get any comments, but I was more surprise of the amount of people that have not even seem the movie "The Godfather" or did not remember the scene for the idea for this cake.
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