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I'd like to know how to get a nice burnt orange also!
I immediately thought of the Dharma logo too!Maybe you could ice them blue and put a palm leaf on each one with the name of a different character piped on each one....Good luck and enjoy the finale!!!!
Wow I went into your photos to see a picture of your turkey is AWESOME!! Thanks you so much for taking the time to post the instructions! Can't wait to try it
If he likes could do the carved 3-D Hershey's Kiss Cake (see gallery) and on the white paper put " KISS your 20's goodbye!"
Yes! That's what I used it have to go slow, but it cuts through easily without sawing and making the edges ragged.
You're welcome...happy to help! Don't forget - it was by the woodworking tools....
Oops! Should have put more info. The knife is called:Walnut Hollow Designed for Her Tools Creative Hot Knife
I bought a hot knife at Michael's - it's NOT the styrofoam cutter. This has blades like an exacto knife and you attach the blade to the handle and plug it in. It works GREAT on foamboard....I found it at Michael's by the woodworking section. I think it was $16.99Don't forget your coupon!!
I agree, but I've also used tylose powder when I had no gumpaste on hand.Good luck!
Maybe the original Mtv logo...
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