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The crumb boss video has disappeared can you explain the technique a little please
Good luck with that one I will be interested to see the finished shoeI am doing a shoe cake for my 18 year old on the 20th November and that shoe is her style
Looking for the old recipes for RKT , it had no butter and was made in the microwaveHELPI hate the butter version
WowFor first time roses , they are awesome , my very first roses did not even resemble a rose I will give you some tips , you can have a look at my roses and see that I have made a few in my time , firstly they need to be a little thinner , the thinner the icing the more realistic they lookand a little stiffer , let them dry a little before adding the next layerother than that ,there is nothing I can see and I know you want to be perfect for your brothers cake , I love...
Try looking for Whimsical cakes , I have a printout that I was sure I got here on CC , I got it for a friend saving explaining to her how I do it and its very similar to how I do mine in my cakeshop though mine is not so many steps but way too hard to explain in wordsgood luckSuzy
Dear Twooten , I stumbled across this topic and just wanted to send you my regards , I see it has gotten a bit heated here and there and for that I apologise.I would never of commented on your avatar in a bad way but 12 months ago I could not of looked at it for the beauty in your baby , I would of looked at it in a different way m seeing photos of dead babies had always freaked me out too, it was (being a mother of 2) like a deep dark place I just couldnt let my eyes go...
WowWhat a great job you did, what kid would not be happy with that as his cake , its a real show piece , congratulationsSuzy
Hip Hip Hooray I got my cookie cutters todayCannot wait to try them good quality indeedthanks again clapping clappingSuzy
Hi SusanThe kits look awesome , really cant wait to get my hands on themhave you actually cooked some off using the cutters to see if the instructions need tweaking at allthe shapes look really goodcant wait to see the booklets to see all of your wonderful designsnow I am hungry , want a cookie and cuppaSuzy
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