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i am joining this thread! i have that i worked hard to do..i have 4 comments, 2 of those came from!
you can never go wrong with that..i put a little bit of flour on my chips so they do not settle at the bottom..another secret of mine: instead of water or milk, i use chocolate milk and put 2 tbs of dutch processed hershey's cocoa powder..the ultimate chocolate recipe!
i went for the first time last year and gosh...i was like a kid in a candy store!
i know what u mean! ...if u look at my snow white doll cake in my gallery, she looks nothing but snow white except for her gown..i was scared to take off the snow white's head from my daughter's doll but u can swap it..i've read a lot of our fellow cc'ers doing exactly that..they also mentioned how easy it is especially for newer barbies..HTH..
never took any class but i want too..maybe someday..especially those by c.peters and nicholas lodge...
I'm a chocolate cake!Fun, comforting, and friendly.You are a true classic, and while you're not super cutting edge, you're high quality.People love your company - and have even been known to get addicted to you..
hi! i did 2 doll cakes already...i used mmf and it tasted good that they peeled off the gown from the cake just to eat it..i had so much fun with it...ditto with mgdqueen that u have to make sure u have enough batter in the pan AND that u have to be patient...gud luck and please do not forget to post a pic..
i use the cake mix extender in all of my cakes..especially the chocolate cake! but i also add a tbsp of dutch processed cocoa and a box of pudding in addition to the sour cream for moistness..
you wrote that is only in regards to their price then maybe you can just try to communicate back at them and ask if they can give you a lower price.(that is the title of your post isn't it?) ...if not, then you have a few choices : accept their price or like what maisiebake suggested try to find another vendor or follow the suggestions of our fellow cc'ers of what else you can do about it..
hi! maybe this link can help you..
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