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I made the True Black MMF recipe that was listed on CC. But I don't know if it's quite the consistency that I am use to with all my other batches of MMF. It stated that you needed one bag of mini marshmallows. Did they mean a 10oz. or 16oz. bag? I used the 16oz. Oh boy....I need some serious help!!!!!
Americolor and best deal for me is online.
OMG...thanks so much! I wil definetely try this tonight!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!
I follow Rhoda's Chocolate MMF to a 'T' and still no luck. It comes out like play dough...easily tears. I use the Hershey Unsweetened cocoa. Am I missing something? Do I need to use melted chocolate. Please help. I have a chocolate fondant covered cake tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
Those cupcakes are actually done by machine. If you search you tube, you can find clips that show how this process is done. Perfect everytime....I feel like when we cake artist are able to do this by hand, it's such a greater accomplishment.
I agree...worth the investment if you decide to do more than just "family gatherings". I bought one and I don't regret at all.
I've done both simple syrup or water. They work great!
I absolutely love it!!!! I've been too scared to try fondant/ gumpaste figurines. Maybe I'll try this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
I really like how the WASC turns out with the white chocolate raspberry creamer. Is there a chocolate version of this cake. Would I do the same as what the instructions call for but replace with chocolcate cake and creamer of my choice? Please help!
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